Animal of the day – 4/18/2014 – The Cave Angelfish

WaterfallfishThe animal of the day is the Cave Angelfish aka the Waterfall climbing cave fish. (Did you know: Found only in TWO caves in Thailand, this fish has no eyes and no scales! It uses it’s modified fins [they have hooks on the end!] to climb up the cave waterfalls!

It’s quite endangered, and is considered one of the most adapted fish to it’s environment.

Animal of the day – 4/3/2014 – The Javan Rhinoceros

The animal of the day is the Javan Rhinoceros. (Did you know: In this species of rhinoceros, only the males have horns! This rhino is seriously endangered…How endangered?

There’s only one group still living in the wild, about 40 individuals in Indonesia, and there aren’t any in captivity. And that wild group is suffering from inbreeding depression. Sigh, these guys might be gone in our lifetimes.

Only the males have horns, here's a father and daughter!

Only the males have horns, here’s a father and daughter!

Animal of the day – 03/27/2014 – The King Eider Duck

The animal of the day is the King Eider Duck. (Did you know: Well well well duck. Aren’t YOU just too cool for school! Your outfit is gorgeous!

These well dressed ducks can be sound on the Arctic coastlines of North America and Eurasia, and apparently are delicious. But how could you eat something so awesome looking?!

Animal of the day – 03/21/2014 – The Harp Seal

The animal of the day is the Harp Seal. (Did you know: When a harp seal pup eats, its teeth grow; they do not grow if the pup doesn’t eat! And those pups can be recognized by their mamas by scent alone! (which is awesome considering how much smelly pups there are hanging around!

Animal of the day – 03/17/2014 – The Bald Eagle

The animal of the day is the Bald Eagle. (Did you know: While bald eagles are well known hunters of fish, small mammals and other birds, they also will steal food straight from other birds [osprey's especially], and will happily eat carrion. Shoot, they’ll even steal a fish from a fisher-human.

Their nests are the largest of all North American birds (measuring up to almost 10 feet in diameter and weighing up to a ton!

bald-eagle06That’s a big ole nest!

And, remember that bald eagle females are bigger than the males! And darn protective of their young.

Animal of the day – 03/14/2014 – The Gibbon

The animal of the day is the Gibbon. (Did you know: The mating couples of gibbons sing a duet in the mornings to mark their territory! Technically they’re apes (even more technically they are called lesser apes[how rude]) because they’re much smaller than other apes and are alot more like monkey’s in many of ways.

white_cheeked_gibbon_by_micwits101-d2xinkyThey’re gangly on the ground, but in the trees they almost fly!

The gibbons’ ball-and-socket joints allow them unmatched speed and accuracy when swinging through trees. Nonetheless, their mode of transportation can lead to hazards when a branch breaks or a hand slips, and researchers estimate that the majority of gibbons suffer bone fractures one or more times during their lifetimes.They are the fastest and most agile of all tree-dwelling, non-flying mammals.

Animal of the day – 03/13/2014 – The Golden Snub-nosed monkey

The animal of the day is the Golden snub-nose monkey. (Did you know: I find it weird that whoever named this decided to focus on this monkey’s nose (or lack thereof) rather than it’s BLUE face!

These monkeys produce a wide range of vocalizations often, remarkably, without making any facial movements, in the manner of a ventriloquist!


Animal of the day – 03/10/2014 – The Lizardfish

The animal of the day is the Lizardfish. (Did you know: This freaky fish has sharp teeth…Oh that’s not crazy except it even has teeth on it TONGUE!

These guys inhabit both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, found in shallow beaches and coral reefs. These guys freak me out. And why are there so many pictures of them eating whole fish alive!?

ocean349reeliz_003“Oh my God!”

Animal of the day – 03/06/2014 – The Baboon

The animal of the day is the Baboon. (Did you know: Most old world apes still rather live in trees, but there are two that love open savannahs and wide spaces! One is a baboon, the other is you! You dirty stinking ape…

Female baboons are less than half the size of males, exhibiting one of the more extreme forms of sexual dimorphism among mammals. Don’t worry, because in a typical troop of baboons, there are twice as many females as males so it all evens out.

I knew a dude in college that looked exactly like this Baboon.

Animal of the day – 03/05/2014 – The Thomson’s Gazelle

The animal of the day is the Thomson’s Gazelle. (Did you know: I’m not a fan of naming animals after the person who ‘discovered’ them. So for the rest of this post, we’re gonna call these bad boys Tommie G’s.

Tommie G’s are the most widespread gazelle in East Africa, and they have a unique way of ‘intimidating’ predators called ‘pronking’. They make athletic leaps displaying how fit they are, basically daring a predator to f*ck with em. (Of course when[and I can't imagine this working very often] this doesn’t work, like all gazelle, they can haul ass).

While they can’t outrun a cheetah outright, Tommie G’s can outlast them in a long chase and can turn much quicker. Didn’t help it this time though…


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