Animal of the day – 9/17/2014 – The Ring-Tailed Lemur


The animal of the day is the Ring-tailed Lemur. (Did you know: Unlike mammals in general, and primates in particular, Ring-tailed lemurs are matriarchal! More power to the ladies!!

Found only on is African island of Madagascar, scientist believe lemurs got there by floating on palm fronds a long long time ago. Ring-tailed Lemurs are also highly social.

A ring-tailed lemur and her two cubs dis

Plus, the look hilarious when they run…

Animal of the day – 7/23/2014 – The Land-Walking Octopus

octopus-walks-land-videoThe animal of the day is the Octopus. (Did you know: Holy shit. This. is. unreal. Apparently it’s a well known phenomenon that octopuses of different species that live in tidal areas are known to just say f*ck it, and walk on land to change pools or to evade predators.

Yup, the apocalypse is definitely near…


Animal of the day – 7/18/2014 – The Cockatoo

Palm Cockatoo

The animal of the day is the Cockatoo. (Did you know: Though found around the world nowadays, this family of birds all come from Australia! Yeah mate!

They’re very popular birds to keep as pets as they are quite affectionate with their owners. Heads up though, they are known to have a powerful bite! [don't stick your finger in a cockatoos beak, they have a 3-way bite!]


Animal of the day – 4/25/2014 – The Potoo

05-potoo_birdThe animal of the day is the Potoo. (Did you know: This is what happens when you do meth kids. Don’t Break Bad.

This crazy looking South American bird spends it’s days perched on a branch blending in perfectly. It’s crazy eyes are adapted for night flying.

498px-Nyctibius_griseus_471885191_27f931630d_o_CropAnd they don’t like being woken up during the day…

5b4a176f-2cb2-46a3-9dec-8b129523d622I did not believe this was real. Where are we, Sesame Street?!

Animal of the day – 4/24/2014 – The Margay

margay-1The animal of the day is the Margay. (Did you know: Aww, cute South American jungle cat! Nope. Evil South American jungle cat.

Margay’s are known for having a unique hunting technique. They hide themselves, then make a noise mimicking the sound of a crying baby monkey. When an adult comes to investigate and help the baby, this sneaky minx of a cat attacks and eats the monkey.

Game recognizes game playa.

Don't look at me like that...I'm aware of your trickery.

Don’t look at me like that…I’m aware of your trickery.


Animal of the day – 4/18/2014 – The Cave Angelfish

WaterfallfishThe animal of the day is the Cave Angelfish aka the Waterfall climbing cave fish. (Did you know: Found only in TWO caves in Thailand, this fish has no eyes and no scales! It uses it’s modified fins [they have hooks on the end!] to climb up the cave waterfalls!

It’s quite endangered, and is considered one of the most adapted fish to it’s environment.

Animal of the day – 4/3/2014 – The Javan Rhinoceros

The animal of the day is the Javan Rhinoceros. (Did you know: In this species of rhinoceros, only the males have horns! This rhino is seriously endangered…How endangered?

There’s only one group still living in the wild, about 40 individuals in Indonesia, and there aren’t any in captivity. And that wild group is suffering from inbreeding depression. Sigh, these guys might be gone in our lifetimes.

Only the males have horns, here's a father and daughter!

Only the males have horns, here’s a father and daughter!

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