The future (and the past)

I figured it was about time to decide what I wanted to use this blog for. It was initially created as a quickie contest with my buddy R-deezy, just for kicks. Almost 10 months later I had a reason to actually use it.

I started updating my status message in Gmail with an Animal of the Day. I’ve always loved nature, and I figured taking a lil bit out of the day to think about just one animal would be fun. Friends started liking it, I was loving it, I figured, I’ll keep it going.

Soon, I was not just updating my google status, I was changing the picture to match the animal of the day, and including fun facts (at the bequest of my fiance’).

I figured it was time to move this bad boy to something bigger. So, I went back to that ole blog I started, and hadn’t updated for so long, and re-started up Animal of the Day there.

I’m already thinking about new categories (Book of the Moment is the most likely new section that’s not about anything living), and I hope to add more soon.

Thanks for all the visits and comments, and hope you keep on coming!

(that’s what she said!)


3 thoughts on “The future (and the past)

  1. I love the blog because I learn something new (and fun) everyday! Thanks for keeping it up…I look forward to it every morning!

    Book of the Moment is great. And I can’t wait for the bacteria, plantae, or fungi of the day.

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