Animal of the day – 8/04/2010 – The Green Tree Python

The Green Tree Python

The animal of the day is the Green Tree Python. (Did you know: Like other pythons, this snake is not venemous, and kills its prey by catching then constricting them .This nimble tree dweller can catch bats right out of the air! When the young are born, they can be any color from yellowish to bright red. They turn green after about 8 months.)

A Young Green Tree Python


3 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/04/2010 – The Green Tree Python

  1. How come they don’t turn green until so much later? Do a lot of the young pythons get eaten by predators? Seems like if you are red, you are a target.

  2. I’m not sure why they don’t turn green till later, however I think even if you’re red, they’d blend in with bark pretty well. I mean, red squirrels are red, and they do ok. Cardinals and parrots are red too, and they survive. Plus, keep in mind that snakes only need to eat like, once a month (if that often), so the babies just have to kinda stay outta trouble for a couple months.

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