Animal of the day – 8/05/2010 – The Mongoose


The animal of the day is the Mongoose. (Did you know: Their agility combined with their thick fur coat make them able to deal with most prey, which includes snakes! They can easily dispatch a cobra, and indeed in Africa, there is a sport of mongoose fighting! Don’t tell Michael Vick. These were introduced in the Caribbean to kill rats and snakes, but ended up also killing lots of native ground dwelling species. So, they are not so popular in the Caribbean anymore.)


6 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/05/2010 – The Mongoose

  1. Nope! Dogs are safe. As far as the local stuff in the Caribbean that they were eating, it was more like the local lizards, birds, iguanas, etc. And, even though they do hunt snakes, snakes aren’t a major part of their diet. They mainly fight them to protect themselves or their young. Indeed, in Africa, when mongooses fight cobra’s, they don’t even eat the snake after they win.

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