Animal of the day – 8/06/2010 – The Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle

The animal of the day is the Martial Eagle. (Did you know: The best way to put this eagle is…Gangsta. It’s the largest eagle in Africa, and it hunts small gazelles, goats, even freaking livestock. Sometimes, as an early morning munchie, it’ll eat a mongoose, just to get the day started right. As with most gangsta birds that don’t mind snatching a lamb or small pig from someone’s farm, these birds were hunted like crazy by farmers until they became a protected species. Don’t worry American’s, these birds only live in Africa.)

This is not carrion that the Eagle found. It killed this baby gazel, and is now protecting it from other predators. I've said this before about other animals, and it's true again. This bird will eat your baby.


6 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/06/2010 – The Martial Eagle

  1. this bird will eat your baby, and my pugs! sorry wiggles, no trips to africa for you. also, talking gangsta, in that first picture doesn’t it have another bird? that’s wild for the night.

  2. Yes sir, this bird will easily eat your pugs. Keep Percy away. And, yes, that’s another bird in it’s talons. I suspect it’s flying it home to the nest to feed the babies.

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  4. Ask me about this eagle and I will tell you how it landed first in the body/trunk of the makalani palm tree and I haven`t seen such a massive bird before, the next moment it took off with one of our lamb in its talons.

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