Animal of the day – 8/07/2010 – The Leopard

Leopard in a tree

The animal of the day is the Leopard. (Did you know: No other cat can climb as well as the leopard. AND the leopard can climb trees while carrying a 100 pound carcass. That’s pretty bad-ass. Panthers are actually leopards that have all black fur, and they actually have a slight rosette pattern in their fur, see picture below. Leopards are the smallest member of the Panthera genus, the other members being the lion, the tiger and the jaguar. I was trying to find an animal that could possible eat Martial Eagle, and this is the closest I could get. I guess since leopards can climb so well, they may be able to attack a Martial Eagle in it’s nest.)

A Panther is just a name for an all black leopard or jaguar. In this picture, you can even see the old leopard spots in the black fur!


5 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/07/2010 – The Leopard

  1. Sweet! I didn’t know a panther was the same as a Leopard! So, if you were being chased by a Leopard/Panther…you couldn’t exactly climb up a tree to get away. What would you do then? Play dead?

  2. I would not play dead. It’s a cat, not a bear. It will eat your face no matter what. Best advice is to either carry a big gun, or stay away from leopard/panther infested areas

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