Animal of the day – 8/10/2010 – The Hyena


The animal of the day is the Hyena. (Did you know: Hyenas are seriously mis-represented! People think their coats look mangy, they sound like people laughing, and that they are scavengers. Truth is, hyenas hunt and kill most of what they eat, live in very organized groups, and that laughing sound is actually one of the most complicated vocalization patterns for communication in the animal world!. Their jaws are powerful enough to crush bone, AND they live in a matriarchal society! I personally think women run things anyway, so more power to you hyena!

But WAIT! The females actually appear to have penis as well, it’s an enlarged clitoris of sorts. Female hyenas make almost as much testosterone as the males! It get’s crazier. The birth canal on a female hyena makes a hairpin turn from the uterus to where the baby comes out, AND since they have no true vagina canal, the baby comes out of the clitoris. Yes. Look it up, I’m not kidding. Most hyena’s lose their first baby, and the current declining population is thought to be partially due to the extreme birth that the hynea babies have to go through.)


6 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/10/2010 – The Hyena

  1. ok. you just blew my mind with these facts. I totally despise hyena’s…and I was believing these misrepresented facts! I also kind of hate them since they were such douches in The Lion King. And…that complicated vocalization pattern they do, although impressive, makes me wish there was a mute button in the real world, not just in electronics. Hyena…you may have earned some of my respect…but I still don’t like you.

  2. one: this is why birthing is woman’s work. MAD PROPS.
    two: szigi, woman do run things, just stop reminding them (they don’t need to know we think/know it too.) we can at least feign some authority from the omission of such an acknowledgment!
    three: i knew all those facts. you ain’t up on nothing! hyena’s are the shit, son! (sorry laura, you’re free to still hate. they were some bastards in the lion king–that could fuck anyone up!)

  3. D, awesome that you knew all that. But yeah, I was impressed yesterday…today, I’m back to having a grudge against them.

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