Animal of the day – 8/12/2010 – The Hippopotamus

The Hippopotamus

The animal of the day is the Hippopotamus. (Did you know: Hippos are extremely territorial and violent. They kill more humans per year in Africa than rattlesnakes, lions, hyenas and crocodiles combined! They are the 4th largest mammal on the planet [after whales, elephants and rhinos]. Hippos are semi-aquatic, and have a wide range of buoyancy options that let them either float on the top, or sink to the bottom and run along  a river or lake bed!

Also, GRE word of the day! Hippos are retromingent!)


4 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/12/2010 – The Hippopotamus

  1. Also the hippopotapimp relies on an entourage of fish to give it a good cleaning and grooming session every now and then. In return, the hippo rewards its attendants with a sumptuous feast of algae, parasites, and dead skin scraped from its hide and dung! They found that different species of fishes are highly specialized in cleaning specific body parts of the hippopotamus. The genus Labeo, under the family of carps, is the main cleaner, using its large mouth to scour the hippo’s hide, teeth and palate. Barbel fish (Barbus) gets the “dirtier” job of cleaning the hippo’s feet—the cracks in its soles and gaps between the toes—as well as its hind. The smaller Cichla fish feeds among the tail bristles while tiny Garra tends to the Hippoptapimps wounds.

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