Animal of the day – 8/13/2010 – The Walrus

I am the WALRUS! Koo Koo Kachoo!

The animal of the day is the Walrus. (Did you know: They use their tusks not only in mating displays, but also to haul themselves out of the water! They also use them to keep holes in the ice open! That extremely awesome mustache is actually a set of whiskers called, mustacial vibrissae, is very sensitive and is used to help the walrus hunt for shellfish on the ocean floor.

Also, they play peek-a-boo...Though, not very well.


5 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/13/2010 – The Walrus

  1. you gotta wonder, random mutation wise, why if the tusks are used only for mating and pulling them out of the water, how they first developed? I mean, they clearly would serve no purpose if smaller (not big enough to support their wieght pulling themselves out of the water). just silly wondering…

  2. Well, the females don’t have tusks, so they’re not really needed to pull them out of the water. However, the males are much bigger than the females, so I guess the tusks help. From a evolution/mutation point of view, I’m guessing that big males that had tusks were able to survive and breed more than big males with small or no tusks, thus having more tusk-having babies. Just silly guessing.

  3. Chicks dig big tusks. It’s science. ALSO, I can’t get over how cute the walrus playing peekaboo is. I don’t know why. I mean, it’s ugly, but maybe that makes it even more cute. Hilarious.

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