Animal of the day – 8/18/2010 – The Giant Squid.

The Giant Squid

The animal of the day is the Giant Squid. (Did you know: This bad boy wrestles with sperm whales. The females are bigger than the males. The ladies measure about 43 feet, with the gentlemen measuring around 33 feet. Once they get to full adult size, the only predator that can handle them are sperm whales, and even they have problems beating them sometimes. Sperm Whales have washed up to shore with giant tentacle arms still wrapped around them! Because of their deep sea habitat, it’s very rare to see one while still alive. The first live images of a giant squid didn’t show up until 2002!)

Got squid?


7 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/18/2010 – The Giant Squid.

  1. Awesome. This reminds me of Island of the Blue Dolphins…cause the chick in the book tries to hunt a huge squid….maybe not a giant one, cause these are HUGE.

  2. Wow! Even their eyeballs are freaky. Did you ever read Michael Crichton’s book, Sphere? I have been afraid of giant squids ever since reading that. (Sounds like I’m not likely to run into one, though, so that’s good.)

  3. Did you know that squids have the most bizarre sex of any animal? The male squid has a sharp jabber tentacle that he penetrates the female with anywhere on its body. Anywhere.

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  5. Holy Squid! Wouldn’t wanna mess with a squid. If they did capture it, where would they put it? Feel bad for the ocean animals that have to live with that thing.

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