Animal of the day – 8/19/2010 – The Sperm Whale.

The animal of the day is the Sperm Whale. (Did you know: Sperm Whales are the deepest diving air breathing animal. They dive up to 3000 meters [9,800 ft] for 2 hours! They feed on Giant Squid, and the older sperm whales typically have lots of battle scars [called Squid Tattoos by Shannon K]. Also [will continue post after Shannon gives me more sperm whale facts]

Though these are related to dolphins [they’re the largest of the toothed whales which includes dolphins and killer whales], these guys are not cute and friendly. Sperm whales are known to have a bad disposition and will ram boats with their heads, and bat at boats with their tales. This was probably the inspiration for Moby Dick.)

Oh, and it’s called a sperm whale because it looks like a big sperm. Whale sperm, not human sperm. Whale sperm are huge.


6 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/19/2010 – The Sperm Whale.

  1. Don’t forget that they have the ability to temporarily paralyze their prey by sending out a sonar BLAST! That means this type of whale has a superpower!! This, incidentally, is similar to my favorite & most-used plasmid in Bioshock, so I’m extraordinarily envious.

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