Animal of the day – 8/24/2010 – The Anglerfish

The Anglerfish

The animal of the day is the Anglerfish. (Did you know: It looks like a creature from a 80’s sci-fi movie, and it is about to blow your mind. Check it.

The males of this species are much smaller than the females. These fish actually mate for life, because the male lives on the female. What? Yeah, when the male finds a female, he bites on to her butt, and never lets go. Eventually his mouth fuses to her body, and he survives off of her blood. She uses him for his sperm whenever she needs it.

See that little shrimp like thing on the lower left hand corner? That's her boyfriend, and they are in a serious commited relationship.

One might wonder, what turn of events would cause fish to mate like this? Well, it turns out that in the cold deep ocean where the anglerfish live (they never see the light), it’s kinda hard to find a mate unless you just stumble upon them. Unlike most other fish, anglerfish don’t meet up at a prearranged place to mate and spawn, so once they find a buddy, they gotta stick with em!

Oh, and that weird thing on top of their head? They use is as a lure to catch fish. It’s phosphorescent and almost got Dori eaten.


5 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/24/2010 – The Anglerfish

  1. I think I read that this is the only animal that actually 100% mates for life (some other animals do…but sometimes other males are sneaky and get in there without the male mate knowing and that male raises the offspring as his own without even knowing some are not his!). I guess it’s hard to mate with others when you are fused to your mate. And Angler fish…you’re luck you live where no light shines because you are FUGLY.

  2. Actually, there are instances where females will have multiple males attached to them, so though the males mate 100% for life, the females seem to be a bit more…flexible (cough cough: slutty)

  3. Yeah, I was going to ask if more than one would fuse…makes sense. Losing my faith in monogomous females here (not human females).

  4. Simba, are you trying to TERRIFY ME with this string of scary-looking animals?? Bleh!! (Admittedly, it looks pretty cool. But I also agree with Laura’s statement re: FUGLY.) Can we pleeeease have something cute soon? :-/

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