Animal of the day – 8/25/2010 – The Koala


The animal of the day is the Koala. (Did you know: Like kangaroos, koala babies are called joeys! Koala’s sleep 18-20 hours a day! That is ridiculous. Their name comes from the aboriginal word for ‘no water’, and it’s because you never see a koala drink! It gets all the water it needs from the eucalyptus plants it eats. Koalas are also the only non-primate animal that has opposable thumbs!)

And yes, koalas love cuddling.


5 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/25/2010 – The Koala

  1. Sweet facts! I didn’t know any of those about Koalas! Man…I’m behind on my Koala knowledge. That Koala looks totally high!

  2. Whoa! Opposable thumbs….sleeps a lot…drinks no water…..that is so cool! Plus, they look like they want to snuggle all day!

  3. After researching and finding out that, koalas do indeed love cuddles and snuggles, I’ve updated the post with a picture of koala cuddling.

  4. A) I wonder if all the koala kids & kangaroo kids get confused at school, since all their names are the same. They probably have to go by last initials as well, so like “Joey B.”, “Joey K.” and “Joey U.”.

    B) Sleeping 20 hours a day sounds so great!! Based on this and other factors, I’ve decided I would love to be a koala.

    C) I’ll bet their breath smells pretty good with all that eucalyptus. I wonder if I can introduce this into Jones & Skeletor’s diet, as their breath smells like stanky cat food.

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