Animal of the day – 8/26/2010 – The Sloth

The animal of the day is the Sloth. (Did you know: Up to 60% of a sloths body weight is in it’s stomach and intestines. There are times when 40% of their weight is just their un-pooped poop! That’s full of sh*t!
Sloths evade predators by blending in really well! Their white fur actually grows moss stuff that makes it seem green! They will also swipe with their claws to detract predators.
Also, sloth hair grows uniquely among mammals. Most mammals hair grows
down toward the ground due to gravity, but sloths are upside down so much that their hair grows up! This makes sloth fur look funny when they’re on the ground!)


3 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/26/2010 – The Sloth

  1. This might be my favorite post so far!! These sloths are hilarious!! And…I learned so much! I want to play with their hair…seems like they could use some mossy braids.

  2. I have a phobia of sloths…. I often have nightmares…. :'(……I have no idea where my phobia come from. I am just freaked out by the way they walk. They look like something off star wars….. a baby chewbecca maybe

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