Animal of the day – 8/31/2010 – The Stoat

Stoat in winter coat

The animal of the day is the Stoat. (Did you know: These members of the ermine family take on prey up to 10 times their size. Using stamina, and skill they can bring down rabbits that dwarf them.

Hey! Why don't you pick on someone your own size!? Or...someone 10 times your size...

Stoats coats turn white in the winter, and go back to a sandy brown color in the summer [Always stylish]. Though, no matter what the season, the tip of the tail is always black. European royalty have long valued stoats[also called ermines] for their soft fur.)


8 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 8/31/2010 – The Stoat

  1. OK, the photo with the rabbit makes it look like the two are pals, but it must just be the stoat lulling the bunny into a false sense of security before it attacks. I like his style…

    • That is what I was thinking! I’ve never even heard of a stoat. Why don’t people tell me stuff like this. A man (bunny) eating ferret! Wow

  2. awww what a lil cutie, seen the cutest vid of a lil stoaty woaty tearing up a large rat, love stoats so much.. thanks for the article 🙂 xxxx

  3. Poor bunny!! The rabbit doesn’t look ANYTHING like a rat! The stoat on the other hand does! They aren’t cute whats so ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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