Animal of the day – 9/07/2010 – The Polar Bear

I would stay inside that igloo Mr. Eskimo...

The animal of the day is the Polar Bear. (Did you know: The polar bear is the largest land-based carnivore on the planet! Polar bears spend most of their time hunting on the sea ice for seals and other water mammals, so the current climate trend of global warming is having a horrible effect on the polar bear population.

Don't believe this picture! Polar bears don't roast their food over open fires, and Penguins don't live in the Artic where there are polar bears!


4 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 9/07/2010 – The Polar Bear

  1. Dear Mr. Polar Bear,

    One time, at the Toledo Zoo, we had a moment. I had to push little kids out of the way, but I got there just in time to put my hand up to your paw on the glass. I hope you remember me always as I will remember you. I would like to visit and take a nap on you since you seem like you would be incredibly comfortable.

    Sending you good seal hunting thoughts…


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