Animal of the day – 9/10/2010 – The Sunflower Starfish

Sunflower Starfish

The animal of the day is the Sunflower Starfish. (Did you know: This is the largest starfish in the world! It grows up to more than 3feet in diameter! Like all starfish, it can grow a leg back after it breaks off, and will actually shed arms sometimes to deter it’s predators! It must have learned that trick from a lizard [or did the lizard learn that trick from a starfish?!].

For most sized prey [sea urchins, clams, snails, abalone, sea cucumbers] their large mouth on their underside is big enough to handle it, but if they come upon prey to big, they can extend their stomach OUTSIDE their mouth to digest it.

I tried to find a picture of this to describe it better, but couldn’t. You’ll have to enjoy this picture instead.

They also come in purple! And also seem to feed on hippies...I can practically smell the patchouli on this guy.


One thought on “Animal of the day – 9/10/2010 – The Sunflower Starfish

  1. Omg…it’s stomach can come out?!!! Sick and awesome at the same time. What if we could shed something to deter predator…I Thats not gonna work! Starfish rule!

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