Animal of the day – 9/14/2010 – The Ocelot

The Ocelot

The animal of the day is the Ocelot. (Did you know: Ocelots are typically found in Central and South America, but they have also been sighted as far north as Texas, and in the Caribbean where they have been sighted in Trinidad!

Ocelots are the smallest of the wild cats (domesticated cats don’t count), AND they have the lowest resting body temperature of all the felines, which means ocelots are COOL!

Oh, and their kittens are mad cute!


10 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 9/14/2010 – The Ocelot

  1. So, I know I always say I want a tiger cub…well, scratch that. I want one of these!! And…they don’t get that big, so I can keep it around the house. Yay! new pet!

  2. SO cute, I’d risk an asthma attack or two to play with one of those kittens. Look at its cute “lil eyes, they scream “love me.” I will love you little Ocelot!

  3. I’m sorry to be the grump here but the top picture is a clouded leopard of Asia, not an ocelot. I understand they are similar in appearance but not in size/spot configuration/jaw structure/prey etc.

    • Thanks Sarah! Grumps are always welcome! And I put these posts together pretty quickly and don’t always have time to check my facts. Thanks for catching that!

      I’ve updated the picture up top to be a TRUE ocelot. 🙂

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  5. The ocelot is not the smallest wild cat. Are you maybe trying to call them the smallest of the big cats?

    I don’t think they are classified with the big cats ….

    The lynx is quite smaller as well as the oncilla and margay in the Americas. And I think there are smaller cats in Africa as well – not as sure about that.

    A big ocelot is big.

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