Animal of the day – 9/22/2010 – The Tarsier


The animal of the day is the Tarsier. (Did you know: This dude looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings had a baby. It is known locally as the Maumag it’s native home in the Philippines.

Unlike most primates, it’s eyes are fixed in it’s skull! This means it can’t roll it’s eyes [or give you any back chat]! However, it’s head can swivel around 180 degrees to make up for it! It has the largest eye to body ratio of any mammal!

Do not feed this thing after midnight, or get it wet. I'm pretty sure it'll make gremlins if you do...


4 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 9/22/2010 – The Tarsier

  1. hahahaha. Ok, so I was super creeped out by the first picture…especially since it took up my whole screen and was all in my face! And I thought..”wow, he really looks like a furry Golum”. And…that’s what the text said! What a fun post…and hilarious. Largest eye to body ratio- hilarious. This kid probably had it tough on the playground!

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