Animal of the day – 9/24/2010 – The Surinam Toad

Surinam Toad - I had to search pretty hard to find a picture that didn't make me want to throw up...Wait till you see the next picture.

The animal of the day is the Surinam Toad. (Did you know: These toads are known for their unique reproductive habits. When they mate, the female a bunch of eggs which by the action of the male, get embedded into her skin. The young stay in her skin through the tadpole stage, and emerge through her skin as small toads. GROSS.

I warned you it was gross...

And…for the not squemish, here’s a video!


4 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 9/24/2010 – The Surinam Toad

  1. a) I am not a squeemish person and b) Like this toad, I have also expelled a baby that was embedded in my body. This STILL totally made me cringe. Those are some big baby toads to just be chilling under the skin!

  2. Great Video. Always interested in nature but had not seen this type of frog. Thanks for showing it. I also watched the ufo videos, wonder how they related to the frogs videos

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