Animal of the day – 9/29/2010 – The Aardvark

The animal of the day is the Aardvark. (Did you know: In African folklore the aardvark is much admired because of its diligent quest for food and its fearless response to soldier ants.

Hausa  magicians make a charm from the heart, skin, forehead, and nails of the aardvark, which they then proceed to pound together with the root of a certain tree. Wrapped in a piece of skin and worn on the chest the charm is said to give the owner the ability to pass through walls or roofs at night. The charm is used by burglars and those seeking to visit young girls without their parents’ permission.

Yes, Arthur is an aardvark, and apparently grounding up certain parts of his body will allow you to sneak in a hang out with underage girls! Awesome!

Also, baby aarvarks are NOT cute! Thanks to Shannon K for finding this out.


4 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 9/29/2010 – The Aardvark

    • ROFL when you said arthurs little sister! Honestly, do they really belive you can smash arthur up, make a necklace and walk through walls? Maybe then had to use arthur as a necklace. That explains why the show isn’t there

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