Animal of the day – 10/05/2010 – The Wild Boar

Wild Boar. I think he's happy. Wait no, there's a stick in his mouth. I think this guy is dead...

The animal of the day is the Wild Boar. (Did you know: This animal will eat your baby. Actually, this animal will eat it’s OWN babies! Yes, both wild boars and domestic pigs will eat any still-born, or sick piglets that dies after birth. They do this to protect the other young from disease, and to keep the nest free of maggots!

Hey! Did you know that pigs/boars don’t like onions! Which I think is hilarious, because pork chops taste delicious with onions!

AND, domestic pigs who escape will revert back to wild boars (growing back their thick fur and bristles, and males will grow back their tusks) within a generation!

Never mind me...Just keep on eating the grass...