Animal of the day – 10/12/2010 – The Asian Carp


Asian Carp


The animal of the day is the Asian Carp. (Did you know: These fish are making their way up to the Mississippi River, and may soon enter Lake Michigan. Though there is no natural rivers connecting Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River, there are man made canals that used to shipping routes.

The State Of Michigan sued the City of Chicago to try to get these canals closed so the fish can’t enter the Great Lake, but lost the case. Apparently shipping routes are more important that a super hugely invasive fish reaching one of the most important natural resources in America.

Oh, and these fish WIG OUT when they hear or feel motor boats, and start jumping like crazy. People have been killed by the fish jumping out of the water and smacking them in the face and scratching them with their spines!


8 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 10/12/2010 – The Asian Carp

  1. Carp, take a valium if boats are going to freak you out. I guess that’s an easy way to fish…don’t even need any worms.

  2. I dont beleave anyone understands the serious threat the Asian Carp have on our natural environment. If a solution is not reached soon, it is very possible that Canadian lakes will be destroyed. They pose a mojor threat on all aquatic habitat and will leave a huge gap in aquatic food webs. Without this web the commercial fishing will be no longer. This is not a joke and unfortunalty money was though first but they didnt thin about the amount of money commercial fishing produces for te economy either.

  3. If motor boats make them jumpy, then don’t use motor boats. Most people in this country need rowing exercise anyway. – – It would be great for swimmers too. I wish I could jump like that and give each motor boat or jet ski captain, who nearly killed me, a swift kick in the head.

  4. These fish should all be slaughtered before they effect our fragile ecological balance. It’s not like the carp we already have people! these things will eat everything- and kill boaters at the same time…….I also think that the government is naive not to close the canals leading to the great lakes at least until these water-rats are ex…ter…min…ated!!!!!

  5. y are ppl throwing the fish back into the water? I say the government should have the boaters paid to collect them and kill them, sloughter them until they are all wiped out, i have seen many videos of them jumping in ppls boats, and they throw them back…STOP THROWING THEM BACK!!!!!

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