Animal of the day – 10/20/2010 – The Komondor


The animal of the day is the Komondor. (Did you know: These dogs look like mops! Or hippies with dreadlocks! Their coarse hair is actually the thickest in the dog world, and is so thick that wolves can’t actually hurt them by biting them! This is useful as this dog is a natural protector of sheep in Hungary from where it originates!

You can barely make out the dog underneath all that crazy hair!

Update: Anabel suggested using this dog to mop your floor. I would not suggest this as it takes a Komondor’s coat TWO and a HALF days to dry after it gets wet!

Update 2: Videos are fun. Watch a Komondor in action!


8 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 10/20/2010 – The Komondor

  1. LOVE them! Can I get one? …as an added bonus, I’ll occasionally bring it over to your place to mop your floors. Think about it…

  2. HAAAAAhahahahahhahaaa!! I was all like, “why did Simba include a picture of someone drying their crappy shag doormat on a fence? How does that relate to this dog? Oh, wait…”

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