Season of the Moment – Fall 2010

Swans on a lake. Way better than Snakes on a plane.

I grew up in Caribbean until I was 14, and so I really had minimal experience with seasons. I’d visit my pops who lived in Brooklyn, NY during the summer, but my experience as a grown up with seasons was minimal. I’d been up once during the winter in NY, but all I remember was that it was cold and dirty.

Moving to Maryland for high school in about the 11th grade was quite a shock, since it did get a little cold there. But my real experience with the cold hit when I touched down in Ann Arbor, MI to go to U of M.

The Diag at U of M

I was tricked intop going here by visiting the school in the spring. Everything was warm, everyone was happy, the campus looked gorgeous…it was like being in a painting of awesome shit.

Well, Maryland had not prepared me for true seasons. At all…Michigan gets COLD. and stays COLD for a while. But the transitions from seasons were what blew me away.

As I lived in Michigan, I started to associate seasons with different events. In Trinidad (where I grew up), the only difference between Christmas and Carnival was the decorations. In Michigan, everything turns a shade of grey, brown, white and black. The animals you used to see all the time all of a suddenly disappear, and everyone stays inside.

The falling of the first leaf, the first snowfall, the first time I slip on the ice. It all meant that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, then my Birthday was coming up. I loved it!

The Diag at U of M in the winter!

So, the season of the moment is Fall! Go Autumn!


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