Contribution of the Day – Problem animals in Japan by Hiroki Nogami

In these days in Japan, there were much news about animals and insects.
For example, monkeys were climbing down the mountains and starts living in towns. This is very dangerous things
happening in Japan. The news will report this news whole days and at last it will killed by human or be captured and be let back where it they belongs but, not only a monkey for example wild boar or raccoon etc.

But why they come to a town? I think the biggest reason is they are looking for a food. Right now many animals lost their live by a human and environmental destruction. Human cut down many woods and construct buildings and many animals couldn’t get much food so they climbing down to a town for their live and their foods.
I think people need to think more about other animal’s circumstances for people and animals both can live comfort.

Also, in this summer was very hot. Cause of global warming. In Japan the highest temperature was 39.9degrees and
cause of this warm temperature many mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water. I saw many people got mosquito bite. When mosquitoes suck the human blood, they insert a physiologically activity substance and it means it will be itchy. But, some mosquitoes have danger disease cause of virus when they insert physiologically activity substance. For example “Dengue virus”. These viruses were carried by mosquitoes (Asian Tiger Mosquitoes). The viruses will higher body temperatures and lots of blood will flood out from mouth nose and ears.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

There are many types of mosquitoes that can be harm or pain to human.
Culiseta Longiareolata
Anopheles Ganbiae etc

These are main example of the mosquitoes. There are more than 2500types of mosquitoes and there habitat are getting
bigger cause of global warming. We need to be careful from the mosquitoes bite.

There are bigger problems happening in Japan. It is about an animals that are almost distinct are eaten by an animals from another country. This is serious problems that are happening in Japan. It means animal life cycles are collapse and animals that are living only in Japan are distinct by an animal that comes from another country.
There was news that the crocodile was found from a pond. That people normally uses with fishing or making s rice. This is very dangerous things because if this crocodile grows to an adult, there will be many victims.
In 2000 to now, many people throws it away the animals that they can not feed it anymore and the animals that they bought are from outer countries.
It is nearly same things in plants too. The seed from outer countries come to Japan by ships that import the luggage. The and the seed is flew by the wind and land at a ground that Japanese plants are grown and this cause plants from Japan is extinct by plants from outer country that can get much water or fertilizer.

This is what is happening in Japan thank you for reading.

– By Hiroki Nogami

Thanks Hiroki for sending this to me!


Animal of the day – 10/22/2010 – The Skunk


The animal of the day is the Skunk. (Did you know: I don’t mind the smell of skunk spray! It actually smells exactly like a Trinidadian fruit that I love called Pommecythere. The first time I ever smelled skunk here in America, I totally thought a fruit tree was full of ripe fruits somewhere around!


About a year ago I walked out to my car in the morning getting ready to head to work, and my car was parked underneath an apple tree that’s right by my driveway. Happily munching away at some dropped apples was the cutest looking skunk.

Well, it was cute till that lil b*tch turned around and sprayed right at me. Anyway, while the dissipated smell of skunk smells like a Pommecythere,  a full blast of skunk smell smells more like shit. Needless to say, I did not go to work that day, and after about 2 hours in a bath with Hydrogen Peroxide I was able to get most of the funk out. My cats didn’t hang out with me for two more days though…