Animal of the day – 10/22/2010 – The Skunk


The animal of the day is the Skunk. (Did you know: I don’t mind the smell of skunk spray! It actually smells exactly like a Trinidadian fruit that I love called Pommecythere. The first time I ever smelled skunk here in America, I totally thought a fruit tree was full of ripe fruits somewhere around!


About a year ago I walked out to my car in the morning getting ready to head to work, and my car was parked underneath an apple tree that’s right by my driveway. Happily munching away at some dropped apples was the cutest looking skunk.

Well, it was cute till that lil b*tch turned around and sprayed right at me. Anyway, while the dissipated smell of skunk smells like a Pommecythere,  a full blast of skunk smell smells more like shit. Needless to say, I did not go to work that day, and after about 2 hours in a bath with Hydrogen Peroxide I was able to get most of the funk out. My cats didn’t hang out with me for two more days though…


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