Animal of the day – 11/08/2010 – The Black Fly

Black Fly

The animal of the day is the Black-Fly. (Did you know: This guy is also known as the ‘gnat’, and they are assholes. The females typically feed on blood, while the males feed on nectar.

The are the carriers for many diseases in both Africa and America, river blindess being the most popular in both regions.

The larvae use tiny hooks at the end of the abdomen to hold on to the substrate, using silk holdfasts and threads to move or hold their place.

Larvae on a river bed.


One thought on “Animal of the day – 11/08/2010 – The Black Fly

  1. “River blindness is caused by a parasitic worm that lives under the skin – blindness is just one of the symptoms of this devastating human parasite.
    River blindness is primarily an African disease, common in central Africa, especially in villages near rivers and streams. A parasitic disease, it is caused by a large tissue roundworm that spreads from person to person through the bites of blackflies. The association with rivers occurs because this is where blackflies breed—in rivers where the water flows quickly, the humidity is high, and there is lots of plant growth.”


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