Animal of the day – 12/13/2010 – The Gila Monster

Gila Monster

The animal of the day is the Gila Monster. (Did you know: They can grow up to 2 feet long! They are one of two poisonus lizards in the Americas, [the beaded lizard is the other] with the only other posionus lizard on the planet is the Komodo Dragon.

Gila Monsters are protected by Nevada and Arizona state law, but are still frequently killed by hikers and home-owners.


5 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 12/13/2010 – The Gila Monster

  1. I’m looking for Gila Monster pics to use as subjects for drawing, and if they turn out all right I’ll post them (the drawings) online. Whenever possible I like to give credit to the photographer whose work I use, so I’m wondering, may I use your great Gila pic and if so, to whom would photog credit go?

    • I wish I could say I actually took this picture, or who orginially did, but I have to confess that I just googled Gila Monster and chose the best picture I found. I didn’t do any due diligence in getting the author’s permission 😦

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