Animal of the day – 12/15/2010 – The Hoatzin


The animal of the day is the Hoatzin. (Did you know: It’s also known as the Stinkbird due to the funky smell it creates, prboably due to it’s unique digestive system and the leaves it eats.

Hoatzins are the only members of their genus [Opisthocomus] and have many unique characteristics among birds. It’s the only bird that has claws at the ends of it’s wings! These are much more pronounced in the young.

Hoatzin chick with claws on wings

Hoatzins, while unafraid of humans and are notoriously bad fliers, are rarely hunted and are not endangered at all! Partly because it does well in it’s native habitat in the Amazonian rain forests, and partly because native tribes people claim it tastes like shit. Power on hoatzin! Keep it funky!

And now a video!


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