Animal of the day – 1/11/2011 – The Aardwolf


The animal of the day is the Aardwolf. (Did you know: This is neither an Aardvark nor a Wolf! It’s actually related to Hyenas [can you see the resemblance].

Unlike Hyenas, aardwolves don’t hunt large prey. They feed mostly on termites! Like the aardvark which gives them their name, aardwolves have long sticky tongues that they use to collect ants and termites from their mounds!

They will often memorize and return to termite nests to save the trouble of finding a new one. They are also known to feed on other insects, larvae, and eggs, and occasionally small mammals and birds. Unlike other hyenas, aardwolves do not scavenge for dead animals.

Aardwolf porn?


4 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 1/11/2011 – The Aardwolf

    • You know what? I can’t be 100% sure, they look very similar. But just to be on the safe side, I’ve replaced it with a new picture that looks more like the Aardwolf I’m used to. Great catch! Thanks for commenting!

  1. Aardwolves are actually an insectivorous species of hyena. They very, very rarely (if ever) eat birds or mammals, and termites make up most of their diet.

    Their names actually have absolutely nothing to do with aardvarks. “Aard” is Afrikkans (I hope I spelled that right) for “earth,” a reference to the fact that aardwolves dig burrows in the dirt.


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