Animal of the day – 1/25/2011 – The Crocodile


The animal of the day is the Crocodile. (Did you know: Oh snap. These mo-fo’s will eat your baby. And then eat you.

Crocodiles are the most ferocious freshwater predator. In the world! That means if ur ever swimming in tropical waters and it’s not salty, watch ur ass cuz there’s probably a crocodile in there somewhere.

Crocodiles are OLD. They hung out with Dinosaurs! And not just the late dinosaurs! They were hanging out with the FIRST dinosaurs. Let’s put this in perspective.

  • Crocodiles were around before human ancestors even THOUGHT about climbing out of the tree.
  • If you compared the ages of man and crocodiles, the man would be like a 2 month old infant, and the crocodile would be about 100 years old.
  • Crocodiles are about 200 million years old. Dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago. Birds spilt off from the dinosaurs around 100 million years ago. And through it all the crocodile remained pretty much the same as they appear now.

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