Animal of the day – 2/24/2011 – The Pika

The Pika

The animal of the day is the Pika. (Did you know: These lil guys might look like rodents, but they’re actually in the same family as rabbits and hares!

Pikas do not hibernate, so they rely on collected hay for warm bedding and food. Pikas gather fresh grasses and lay them in stacks to dry. Once the grasses dry out, the pikas take this hay back to the burrows for storage.

Oh, and Pikas don’t mind stealing from each other ‘hay bales’ which leads to some battles….which leads to Pikas getting caught and eaten by birds or ferrets! Stop all the warring Pikas! Didn’t you know you’re endangered!?

P.S. sorry for the lack of posts this week. Been in recovery!


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