Animal of the day – 3/01/2011 – The Red Kangaroo

Red Kangaroo

The animal of the day is the Red Kangaroo. (Did you know: These hopping marsupials can reach up to 40mph! And they can jump obstacles of up to 10ft.

As with koalas, a group of kangaroos is called a mob, so you KNOW they’re some gangstas. These desert dwelling mammals are able to go months without water as they get most of that from the plants they eat.

Why do so many Kangaroo pictures look like they're trying to seduce another kangaroo? Care for a glass of wine my dear?

When European settlers first encountered the kangaroo, they saw some joeys poking their heads out from their mothers pouches, and they originally thought that kangaroos were two-headed!

This is not a two-headed animal!

Silly Europeans! (Though these were the same type of guys who landed in Massachusetts and thought it was India…)

Oh, and there’s always been some confusion on how marsupials have their babies. They’re born very underdeveloped, but crawl to their pouch and hook onto a nipple to drink milk and develop.

Just let David Attenbizzle tell you about it:


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