Animal of the day – 3/23/2011 – The Sea Angel

Sea Angel

The animal of the day is the Sea Angel. (Did you know: If perception is reality, then the sea angel is totally messing with your reality! It’s no angel at all! It’s actually a very small type of sea slug!

Oh, and that ‘angel’ in it’s name is hardly deserved. These guys feed on an equally cute sounding animal, the ‘sea butterfly’ [shown below].

Who is naming these things!? How does that look like a butterfly of the sea?!

When the hungry sea angel spots a suitable target, it lunges forward and rapidly unfurls a halo of six hooked tentacles from its head, locking its prey in a death grip. Slowly, the clione sucks the victim’s body out of its shell, swallowing it whole.

Yup. That don’t sound like no angel to me!