When unknown tech upgrades blow my mind – blogs on an iPad

In case you were wondering, I got my iPad. And it’s been pretty ridiculous! I won’t bore you with the details of reviewing it or anything.

Here’s what blew my mind. I opened up www.simbania.wordpress.com using the safari browser on the iPad and WHOA!

Fyi, this whole post was written using my iPad and the WordPress App. A little messy….but it works.

I didn’t even know they made a different site for the iPad! C’mon son.

Anyways, I just thought it looked awesome. I would also admit that there’s another app called Flipboard that does a similar affect to all blogs of your choosing.


Animal of the day – 3/29/2011 – The Phorid Fly

Phorid Fly

The animal of the day is the Phorid Fly. (Did you know: They should call it the horrid fly…These bad boys hover over ants, and lay their eggs inside them.

The larvae are able to mind-control the ants until they grow too big, at which point the eat them from the inside out,  and then pop out the ant’s empty husk.

It's a boy!

All is not bad though, scientists are using these flies to control red ant populations in South America…so there’s an upside to these guys i guess…until they start laying their eggs in humans…