Animal of the day – 4/12/2011 – The Matabele Ant

Matabele Ant

The animal of the day is the Matabele Ant. (Did you know: Theses ants [aka Army Ants] got their name from and African tribe that swept across South Africa in the 1800’s leaving destruction and desolation in their wake.

The males of this species of ant is the Largest of all ant species! They are known as sausage ants, and were originally thought to be a different species.


The ants are pretty bad ass. I mean, they’d have a wallet that said “Bad Mutha Fuc*a on it”. These ants will obliterate anything in their path while marching in great numbers. ANYTHING.

They will destroy termite mounds, and basically everything that can’t get away from the mass of ants.

Their jaws are SO powerful, native peoples use them as sutures. Yup, if you get a gash in the bush, they find one of these ants, make it bite your skin pinching it together, then they break the body off leaving only the head. AND it’s head will stay on the wound for many days at a time!


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