Animal of the day – 4/13/2011 – The Muskrat


The animal of the day is the Muskrat. (Did you know: These large rodents are the largest member of the family that contains voles and lemmings! They’re not related to mice or rats at all! (Well, besides both being rodents).

Muskrats are always found near still or slowly moving water, and build lodges similar to beavers [though MUCH smaller].

Native Americans have long considered the muskrat to be a very important animal. Some predict winter snowfall levels by observing the size and timing of muskrat lodge construction. [Which seems much more scientific than waiting to see if a stupid groundhog sees it’s shadow.]
Also, in several Native American creation myths it is the muskrat who dives to the bottom of the primordial sea to bring up the mud from which the earth is created, after other animals had failed in the task.

This is not stylish...Unless your trying to attract Davey Crocket or Rubeus Hagrid.

People also can make jackets from muskrat fur…I don’t suggest doing it. It’s not cute.


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