Animal of the day – 4/26/2011 – The Humpback Whale

The Humpback Whale

The animal of the day is the Humpback Whale. (Did you know: Humpback Whales are the planets LOUDEST creature! Their songs can carry for up to 100 plus miles! That’s like sitting in New York and yelling at your buddy in Washington D.C.!

Checkout the Barnacles!

Humpback whales are also recognizable by the large amount of barnacles they have otheir head and flippers. They carry more barnacles than any other whale, and recently scientists have found that the males use their barnacles as ‘brass knuckles’ when fighting for females during mating season!

Also, Happy Birthday to John James Audobon! A great naturalist, painter and animal lover!


4 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 4/26/2011 – The Humpback Whale

  1. You guys suck because you dont have anything that i need on here. You guys need more pics of the humpback whales. Because people need them for projects just like i do and you dont so that makes you guys suck.

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