Animal of the day – 5/13/2011 – The Lammergeier Vulture

Lammergeier Vulture

The animal of the day is the Lammergeier Vulture aka the bearded Vulature. (Did you know: Unlike most vulture, Lammergeiers are not bald. This is because unlike most vultures that need to be bald since they stick their heads neck deep into rotting carcasses, Lammergeiers don’t like rotting flesh.

Instead, Lammergeiers like bones! They swallow bones whole! They can handle a bone up to the size of a lamb’s femur!

Theses guys specialize in grabbing bones, flying up high and then releasing the bones to fall onto bare rock patches to crack them open and get at the bone marrow inside!

Lammergeiers are known to do well in captivity, and have been known to live up to 40 years! Here's a kid with one back in the 1970's.


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