Animal of the day – 5/16/2011 – The Hoopoe


The animal of the day is the Hoppoe. (Did you know: These birds were considered sacred in Ancient Egypt, and is the national bird of Israel.

I don’t think the Israelites did enough research because this bird is kinda gross…

When facing predators or danger, the hoppoe will turn it’s butt to it’s attacker, and spray it’s poop right into the attackers eyes. Awesome.

It doesn’t stop there though, they have a anal gland similar to the oil glands that ducks have, except this gland just makes poop juice…which the hoppoe spreads over itself to make it smell shitty. literally. This anal grease is also so strong that it repels bacteria!

On a good note, the hoppoe eats alot of pest insects…still doesn’t make up for it spreading it’s butt juice all over itself though!


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