Animal of the day – 5/24/2011 – The Hagfish

The Hagfish

The animal of the day is the Hagfish. (Did you know:  Hagfish eat their prey from the inside out by burrowing into or entering a dead or dying fish through the gills, mouth, or anus.

These guys are gross. Unless you like slime, in which case they’d be your favorite animal.

As a defense mechanism, hagfish produce and excrete copious amounts of slime. How copious you say? An adult hagfish can transform a 5 gallon bucket of water into nothing but slime in a couple minutes.

Their slime also deters other scavengers from eating whatever the hagfish are eating! And that slime can really mess up fishes gills. Indeed, even hagfish have to clean the slime off themselves by tying themselves in knots and ‘scraping’ the slime off. Even their own gills can get clogged up if the hagfish isn’t careful…

Yeah, that's alot of slime. Why is that guy so happy?


One thought on “Animal of the day – 5/24/2011 – The Hagfish

  1. omg. that dude looks like an anus. I love how the guy in the video has a jar labeled “hagfish slime.” Impressive.

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