Animal of the day – 9/12/2011 – The Black and Yellow Argiope

Black and Yellow Argiope

The animal of the day is the Black and Yellow Argiope. (Did you know: These are also known as the writing spider because of he zig-zag ‘writing’ that it puts in it’s web! This zig zag is actually used to attract prey!

These huge spiders are very common in North America, just look about 2 – 3 feet above the ground in your garden, and you can probably find one!  Like many spiders, males are very careful after mating because the female will try to attack and eat them right after they get the good stuff.

The females lay their eggs in autumn, and protect them to the death [literally, the female will stay with her egg sacs until the first forst kills her]. The eggs hatch during the fall/winter, but the tiny spiders stay in the egg sacs until spring!


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