Animal of the day – 9/30/2011 – The Cattle

The animal of the day is the Cattle. (Did you know: These are commonly known as ‘cows’, but that really only applies to female cattle. Males are called bulls.

Goodness gracious are these animals delicious! It was actually a changing point in human history/evolution when we figured out how to domesticate these guys, so we’d always have something around to eat…And something to get milk from. I still think it’s weird that we’re ok with drinking cow milk, but mention drinking another humans milk and people think you’re gross.

Does a body good.

Here’s a fun fact for you. The country with the most cattle? India! WHAT?! Yup, and they don’t even eat beef! This is because cattle are considered sacred in India.

That ish don’t fly in Texas though…In Texas they’re considered the devil, and must be eaten with mashed taters and gravy.


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