Innovator of the Quarter (Century) – Steve Jobs

The Innovator of the last 25 years is Steve Jobs.

He passed away today after a long bout with cancer, but hot damn, his innovations will never be forgotten.

Here’s some highlights!

  • Co-founded Apple in 1976.
  • Bought The Graphics Group from LucasFilms in 1986. This company would eventually become a little company called Pixar.
  • Left Apple in 1984, and started NeXT computer systems. Apple ended up buying NeXT in 1994, and after year Steve Jobs returned to the CEO position.
  • Pixar makes first film, ‘Toy Story” which is a hit. Steve makes mad bank (alot of millions).
  • In 1998, the ‘new’ Apple releases the iMac. This is the first all in one computer ever released. It also happened to be the fastest selling PC at the time.
  • In 2001, the first iPod is released (this thing may go places). This is where we start to see Steve Jobs show up in his trademark outfit to announce Apple’s new products. He’ll continue to introduce them until Tim Cook takes over in 2011.
  • Apple iTunes store opens in 2003. I won’t say this saved the music industry, but considering everyone was getting/sharing music for free without paying artists/publishers at this time, I’d say the Apple Store sure helped. Name an album you love that you can’t buy from the iTunes Store right now. I dare you.
  • Mac OSX starts to take off, Apple PC’s start to sell like hotcakes around 2005.
  • Annnnd, iPhone in 2007.
  • iOS announced in 2008. Quickly becoming the de-facto OS for all Apple’s non-PC devices.
  • iPad in 2010.
  • And there’s all she wrote folks. Let’s wait and see what we see next from Apple not at the helms of Steve.

One thought on “Innovator of the Quarter (Century) – Steve Jobs

  1. Thanks for this! Such an amazing person…he will be sorely missed and never forgotten! According to wikipedia: “Jobs usually wore a black long-sleeved mock turtleneck made by St. Croix, Levi’s 501 blue jeans, and New Balance 991 sneakers.” Just in case anyone was wondering 🙂

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