Animal of the day – 12/01/2011 – The American Beaver

American Beaver

The animal of the day is the American Beaver. (Did you know: They are one of the few mammals that can close their ears and nose! Just try closing your ears (without using your hands)…now try closing your nose. See what I mean?

Among mammals the architectural and construction skills of beavers is second only to those of humans!

Beaver Dam

The lodges and dams they build are not the only feats of engineering, but in order to transport enough timber for building, the beavers have to excavate canals through shallow or weed-chocked areas to accommodate the large branches without snagging!

If you’re ever out in the wild, and need to drink water from a lake, remember that water downstream from a beaver dam is always cleaner than upstream! Beaver dams are one of the most efficient natural filtration systems!


One thought on “Animal of the day – 12/01/2011 – The American Beaver

  1. HI Thank you for these helpful facts about the beavers. I needed those for the book I was writing can I get more?

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