Animal of the day – 12/06/2011 – The Bonobo


The animal of the day is the Bonobo. (Did you know: This ape is frequently miscalled the ‘Bonobo chimpanzee’ or ‘pygmy chimpanzee’, but it’s actually a seperate species from chimps! They are smaller, and known to be more gracile than chimps!

Bonobo’s are known for their overtly sexual behavior! AND unlike most ape species (humans included),  bonobos live in matriarchal societies, with the head females dominating and controlling the males with sexual treats!

Just look away. Nothing to see here.

Bonobo’s are also regarded as the most peaceful members of the ape family! [I’m sure all the sex has something to do with that] Actually, sex is so casual among them that most often a males first sexual experience with with his mother or other close member of his family.


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