Animal of the day – 12/22/2011 – The Mexican Gray Wolf

Mexican Gray Wolf

The animal of the day is the Mexican Gray Wolf. (Did you know:  These are a sub-species of the gray wolf, and are the smallest member of their family. They are also the most endangered wolf in the world, with only about 300 living members left on the planet [with about 50 living in the wild].

The sad part is how they became endangered. It’s a familiar story however. Here how it goes:

  1. The Mexican Gray Wolves were doing very well until the colonization of America started to spread west and south.
  2. As humans started to turn wild lands into farms, the deer population started to drop.
  3. The lands that used to support deer were turned into land to support cattle.
  4. The wolves realized cattle were just as delicious as deer.
  5. Farmers didn’t like the wolves eating their cattle.
  6. Farmers started poisoning, shooting, and trampling the Mexican gray wolves whenever given the chance.
  7. As of  1970, the Mexican gray wolf was completely gone from USA [New Mexico & Arizona], shortly after, the last wild grey wolf was shot in 1977 in Mexico. The only remaining species are now in captivity, but there are breeding programs going on to try to re introduce them to the wild.

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