Animal of the day – 4/27/2012 – The Bearcat

The Bearcat

The animal of the day is the Bearcat aka the Binturong. (Did you know: It’s true name, the Binturong, is from an extinct Asian tribe, and the meaning is no longer known! Ouch.

All right, bearcats are closely related to civets, and like them, they have special scent glands underneath their tails. They use these glands to mark their territory, and get this! The scent they lay is smells just like buttered pop-corn! What? Yeah, buttered popcorn. So if you’re ever in an Asian jungle, and you smell some pop-corn, look out for a bearcat.

These same scent glands are used by young bearcats [before they are old enough to protect themselves] to spray a foul smelling liquid similar to skunks! So these guys can either lay down some Orville Redenbacher goodness as adults, or some stinky funk as kids. Crazy!


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