Animal of the day – 5/08/2012 – The Bongo Antelope

The Bongo Antelope

The animal of the day is the Bongo Antelope. (Did you know: Unlike other species of antelope, the Bongo is primarily nocturnal! It’s also the largest antelope that lives in dense tropical forests!

They have been known to eat burned wood after lightning storms. This behavior is believed to be a means of getting salt or minerals.

In order to swiftly maneuver through the dense forest vegetation, bongos tilt their chin up, causing their horns to lie flat against their back. They take this position so frequently older bongos often have bald spots on their back from the tips of their horns rubbing away the fur.

Native people believe if they eat or touch bongo they will have spasms similar to epileptic seizures. Because of this superstition, bongos have been relatively unharmed in their native ranges.


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